Sponsorship Program

Through Sponsorship Marketing Programs with WTHJA, your brand will be placed in front of competitors, spectators, and high value consumers at the WTHJA Horse Shows.

  • Branding through horse shows and related local entertainment events, such as concerts, exhibitor parties, community events, and vendor villages
  • Social Media brand exposure to a strong consumer group
  • Sponsorships offer option to target geographic region for sponsorship
  • Multi-media and high frequency of brand exposures to very targeted consumer group
  • Extended brand reach via sponsorship will include:
    • interactive website hits
    • e-newsletter
    • internet advertising
    • online versions of print ads
    • print publication advertising
    • equestrian calendar listings

Become a Sponsor

WTHJA offers a variety of sponsorship levels and programs designed to meet your needs.

  • Corporate Sponsorship Programs
  • Member Rewards Loyalty Program
  • Vendor Opportunities at Shows
  • Hospitality Sponsorships
  • Awards & Year End Gala Sponsorships

Benefits of Sponsorship

WTHJA horse shows enjoy a popularity and loyalty among regional equestrians that transfers to our show sponsors through partnership marketing. Our “A” Hunter/Jumper Shows draw top equestrians from a broad South Central and Midwest region of the United States, including: Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. These competitors–including trainers, support staff, riders, and entourage spectators–provide a significant local economic impact on hotels, restaurants, local shops, and other vendors. The benefits of placing your brand and business in front of this dynamic group are tremendous:

  • Increase your brand awareness to drive sales from this affluent, loyal, targeted market
  • Receive recognition for your support at the local level for an Olympic sport in which men, women, and children of all skill levels compete equally.
  • Associate your brand with wholesome, fun, and exciting activities which appeal to the entire family.
  • Increase brand awareness through sponsor participation in WTHJA marketing programs that span onsite, internet, social media, and regional publications advertising.
  • Support youth leadership and development opportunities.
  • Participation in equestrian sport teaches life skills necessary for leadership.
  • Exciting entertainment opportunities to share, strengthen, and build bonds with your valued friends, associates, employees, and family.

Sponsorship Opportunities

​For info on sponsorships, donations, and vendors, contact: Lisa Doble

The Equestrian Participant

  • Net Worth: $995,400.00
  • Average Household Income: $134,000.00
  • A majority are between 34-54 years of age
  • 85% are women
  • 63% are married
  • 66% have a college degree or better
  • 56% are employed full-time
  • 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work
  • 38% have a net worth over $500,000
  • 63% have traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds in the last year​
  • The market value of the average home is $594,000.
  • ​ 22% own two or more homes.
  • On average, they spend 30 nights per year in a hotel & rent a vehicle four times per year.
  • They own three vehicles; 53% own a pick-up truck
  • 94% own a pet besides a horse or pony. Average number of cats owned is two and average number of dogs owned is two.
  • Equestrian enthusiasts are highly active and mobile.
  • 43% take more than 16 airline trips a year.
  • Over half have purchased a new automobile within the last year
  • 97.3% hold more than one credit card account.

* Source: USEF